Drake and Kanye West have a on-again off-again relationship. It's been like that for years. However, every so often, they seem to put whatever feud they have aside from work on music together or play basketball. However, earlier this year, Drake was reportedly in Wyoming with Kanye West to help him work on his album ye. After the album dropped, there wasn't any indication that Drake worked on the album at all with the exception of some rumors. However, it looks like the rumors were true and Drake actually did write on Kanye's latest project.

TIDAL's song credits for Kanye West's ye was updated earlier today and it's now confirmed that Drake wrote on Kanye West's latest project. Drake is credited as one of the eleven writers on "Yikes." Along with Drake, Mike Dean, Malik Yusek are some of the more notable names that received credits as "lyricists" on the song. 

The rumors of Drake's contributions to "Yikes" were first revealed by Peter Rosenberg and Ebro shortly after the release of the album. While TIDAL didn't reveal the extent to Drake's writing credits, Rosenberg did say that Drake wrote the hook on the album which he said "may be the best melody on the album when you go listen to it." 

While Drake's beef with G.O.O.D Music is presumably squashed at this point, maybe Kanye has some sort of credits on Drake's upcoming album Scorpion