2018 has been the year of Drake consistently outdoing himself. It all started with "God's Plan" spending weeks at Billboard's top spot on the Hot 100. When "Nice For What" came around, he replaced himself at No. 1 with the new track. Finally, Scorpion released in June and there were bound to be some extra candidates for song of the summer. As expected, Drizzy came through. "In My Feelings" is an absolute smash and with a viral dance craze to match, everybody is streaming the track, easily bringing it to number 1 in the rankings this week. However, if it weren't for internet comedian Shiggy actually starring in the viral challenge video, the song may not have taken off as quickly as it did.

Paying his dues to the man who popularized the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, Drake partied alongside Shiggy last night, capturing a few moments on his Instagram story. With everyone and their mother attempting the dance, some would say that the craze died down after Will Smith literally climbed a bridge for the most extravagant edition yet. However, it's still going strong and Drake recognizes that. Addressing his comment towards Shiggy, the Canadian superstar said, "Man got me a No. 1 record today," clearly excited about his historic reign atop the Billboard chart.

With no clear end in sight for the 6ix God, Drake is cementing his legacy with every number 1 single he puts out. Hopefully, Shiggy is getting a check for his contributions.