In the immediate aftermath of Toronto clinching its inaugural NBA Championship, Drake vowed to deliver new material commensurate with the sentimental climate. Within 24 hours of posting the disclaimer amidst the rabid celebrations, two new songs entered the atmosphere in truncated fashion. The first order of business was a single titled "Omerta" made out in the codified language of La Cosa Nostra. The second offering came in the form of the reunion he promised with Rick Ross, a no-frills number titled "Money in the Grave." As you might expect, both his giveaways are currently enjoying an unprecedented buzz on social media, all within a short window of 6 hours.

The Internet has responded to the preliminary offerings with the enthusiasm usually attributed to first-time parents in a triage facility. Factor in the wait Rozay fans were made to endure since the pair dropped "Aston Martin Music" nearly 10 years ago, and it's safe to say: Drake has met consumer expectations by a fair margin.

Come to think of it, Drake is said to have passed over "Aston Martin Music" prior to its inclusion on Teflon Don, only for the heir apparent to have second thoughts upon hearing Rick Ross' interpretation of the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League instrumental. All in all, Drake's Championship-themed offering looks set to reach an overwhelming consensus from the general public, at this early stage of its deployment. What do you guys make of the songs, hit us with your comments down below?