Drake's life has been under a microscope since the start of his career. That's nothing new to the Toronto-born star, especially in his own city where he filmed Degrassi as a teenager. While local media marvels at his accomplishments and critiques his local contributions, his presence still attracts attention, even when he's doing mundane tasks. 

Over the weekend, the rapper was spotted in the Yorkville area of Toronto where he was seen exiting a building with a fleet of security guards. What stood out, though, was Drake's reaction as he made his exits towards his ride. As he left, he's seen rubbing his neck as if someone slapped him with an open palm. The number of security guards Drake rolls with is impressive but it was that brief moment of confusion that sparked discussion on the internet.

Eventually, Drake slid in the comment section on 6ixbuzzTV where he explained what was going down, as spotted by the Toronto Sun. "A spider was crawling on me the other day and ever since then I keep feeling that shit like 4 times a day," he replied with three crying emojis.

In related news, the rapper did share an update on his forthcoming album following a slew of leaks over the weekend including an unreleased track with Roddy Ricch. The Scorpion rapper revealed that his next album is 80% complete.