Drake has never been shy about being one of the most shameless sports fans in the rap game. Every single week he can be seen wearing a brand new jersey and can't seem to really commit to a team. Perhaps one of the funniest things about Drake's fandom is that he seemingly curses every team he supports. Of course, this was quite the opposite in the case of the Toronto Raptors although there are countless other teams who have faced Drake's wrath.

With that being said, it shouldn't be surprising that Drake is gifted some new threads every day. It seems as though he tends to get a lot of soccer outfits and will wear them overseas whenever he feels like it. Well, Drake might be rethinking his fashion choices after his latest bit of advice on Instagram.

"Word of advice don’t wear gifted football apparel abroad 😂 almost started a war at the bar," Drake wrote. Considering the rapper said "abroad," we're pretty certain he meant International football. Based on the shirt he's wearing, it seems like he's supporting the Brazilian team, Corinthians. Not to mention, International soccer fans are very protective of their teams and can get violent especially when their squad is losing.

The last thing Brazilians need is their team catching the Drake curse for no reason. From this point on, we imagine Drake will be picking his spots a lot better.