Showing off her new blonde hair, Sophie Brussaux asked her followers if she should keep it light or go back to her natural brunette shade. While some people actually answered the question, others suggested she has changed more than just her hair color in the comments.

"Look like her nose got done," wrote one commenter. "Did you get your nose done?" asked another. The sentiment was echoed a few times throughout her inbox.

Comparing photos from before and after, it definitely does look like her nose has gotten a bit smaller. To be honest though, who really cares if she decided to get knifed up. At the end of the day, Sophie isn't a celebrity. If she wants to undergo any type of plastic surgery to target some of her insecurities, she's got every right to do so.

Sophie Brussaux makes headlines every once in a while for just living her life. At the beginning of this year, she took a trip to a luxurious island and made news just for that. Thankfully, it looks like she's enjoying the attention. Or, at least we hope she is.

Back to her question... do you think she should go back to brunette or stick with the blonde for a while?