Drake is cut from a different cloth. He knows what he wants and he has no problem going out there and taking what's his. Do you think you become the biggest global superstar in the world without working hard? Everything that Drake has earned, he's deserved. Regardless of how you feel about his music, you've got to respect his hustle. Even though his flexing habits are very subtle at times, the Canadian rapper isn't out of his element when he shows off the material goods that he's now able to afford. At this stage in his life, Drake can cop himself anything he wants. He bought himself a freaking plane this year... Overnight, he felt like putting a week's worth of watches on his arm, showing us just how rich he truly is.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

With two expensive watches creeping in the background, Drake draped his wrist and forearm in some crazy Patek Philippe glow. He's got a pretty solid collection, housing some bust-down models, a couple of Plain Janes, and one with an orange band for when he feels like being a little daring. When Drizzy gets a sudden urge to flex, he does so in a different manner. This man is unlike anybody else out there.

Peep the latest addition to his Instagram story below and let us know which watch is your favorite. Personally, I'm going for that orange joint in the middle.