Every year, people love to share their resolutions for the New Year. How will you become a better person in 2019? Are you planning on working out more often, studying harder, getting to the studio on a regular basis? For Drake, a resolution isn't enough. Sure, it's nice to make a promise to yourself at the beginning of the year that you'll change for the better but if you're not actually putting the plan in action, there's really no point in even making a resolution. Drizzy decided to remind his fans that with 2019 now in full swing, it's time to turn your resolutions into full-fledged lifestyle changes.

"All that resolution stuff is great. All that mental talk to yourself is great. But what you gotta do on the first is you gotta get up and actually do it," said Drake. He went on to shout out his friend and trainer for getting in the gym with him, noting that he's already back at work on his fitness goals for the year. "January 1st, the first opportunity to do all the stuff you told yourself you were gonna do. Go get it."

The motivation comes in the midst of a feud with Kanye West, which is admittedly pretty one-sided. Drake hasn't had much to say about the incessant tweets Kanye has made about him. What are your goals for this year?