Bronny James Jr. had missed most of his team's High School season due to a meniscus tear. During that time, Sierra Canyon ended up going undefeated and eventually made it to their division's championship game. Bronny was in no mood to miss such an occasion and on Friday night, he was able to make a comeback and play in the pivotal match which went down against the likes of Centennial Huskies.

With Bronny playing his first game of the season, the crowd was filled with stars including the likes of Drake who sat courtside with LeBron. In fact, Drake, JR Smith, and Jared Dudley were all in attendance and they made a grand entrance just minutes before the game started.

Unfortunately, Sierra Canyon wasn't able to close out as they lost to Centennial by a score of 80-72. Bronny had a clutch three-point basket in the second half of the game, but it simply wasn't enough to go out and win the game. 

As for Drake, he certainly made his presence felt in the gym as he was seen celebrating alongside LeBron after every basket. Not to mention, there was one point where Drake even had an argument with the referee as he was unhappy with a call that had been made. The entire scene was pretty comedic especially when you consider how it's high school basketball.

Needless to say, these Sierra Canyon games are a star-studded affair.


Hannah Foslien/Getty Images