If you've been keeping your ear to social media, particularly the vast expanse of the TikTok wilderness, you've likely become acquainted with Drake's new single "Toosie Slide." A slow-burning track that doubles as an instruction manual, a spiritual successor the "Safety Dance" by the Men Without Hats, whatever you might think of it, one reality is clear: it's already become a phenomenon of sorts. Even the most casual listener might find themselves knowing the words without ever having properly registered them.

Drake Toosie Slide

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

And while the jury is still out on whether "Toosie Slide" will stand alongside Drizzy's biggest singles of his career (it's already off to a great start), it's clear he's willing to push this one to the finish line and then some. Even though he already came through with a low-key yet well-shot music video upon the track's release, Drake appears on the verge of doubling down with an elaborate animated version that finds him taking to the clouds.

The clip itself was done by Quentin Deronzier, who included major nods to Drizzy's OVO jet and affiliation with Virgil Abloh -- it's as of yet unclear as to whether Deronzier is sitting on a full version, thus offering up an alternate video to the original, but either way it's got the Champagne Papi sign of approval. Check it out for yourself below, and sound off -- should Drake implement this aesthetic moving forward?