Klay Thompson has been living his best life over the past two years despite not being able to play basketball. From his ACL injury a couple of years ago to his Achilles injury in 2020, Thompson has been sorely missed on the Golden State Warriors. As of right now, Thompson is in the middle of his recovery, and on social media, he hasn't been shy to show fans what he's up to in the offseason. 

For instance, Thompson did an Instagram Live session on Saturday where he could be seen driving a boat. Thompson had a drink in his hand and was just vibing out on the water. During the Live session, Thompson spoke about Drake and the friendly beef that came about during the 2019 NBA Finals. Thompson congratulated Drake on his artist of the decade award, although for some reason, it felt like there was a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Drake & Klay Thompson

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Well, Drake ended up seeing the Instagram Live session and decided to mock Thompson with a side-by-side recreation of the clip. In the video below, you can see how Drake mouths every single word that comes out of Thompson's mouth, and it makes for a pretty hilarious imitation. Of course, it is nothing but love between these two, although you can't help but laugh.

Hopefully, Thompson is able to get healthy for next season as the league is a lot more fun to watch when he's healthy. Not to mention, it will be fun to see him and Drake interact courtside during Raptors games.