Drake has all the essential quarantine goods—movies, wine, hookah, and hand sanitizer—to keep himself busy while he self-isolates after hanging out with Kevin Durant days before the Brooklyn Nets star tested positive for coronavirus. The rapper posted a video to his Instagram story to document his chosen quarantine activities, filming the opening credits of the 90s film, The Fifth Element, starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Milla Jovovich, and Chris Tucker.

Drake quarantine coronavirus Kevin Durant test positive contract diagnosis movie The Fifth Element isolation social distancing Brooklyn Nets Toronto mansionJohn Phillips/Getty Images

Drake's cluttered coffee table can be seen in the shot, and it looks like Champagne Papi has traded the bubbly for wine. Among the hookah and candles is a bottle of hand sanitizer, and the scene just screams coronavirus-induced quarantine. At least he's stuck in his gorgeous mansion in Toronto, where he can not only watch countless movies but also play ball in his custom-built court.

While many of us are choosing to self-quarantine in order to practice social distancing and avoid spreading coronavirus to the more vulnerable population, Drake virtually had no choice. News broke this week that four players on the Nets had tested positive for the deadly virus, among them star forward Kevin Durant. While normally this would just mean that Drake would send his best wishes and maybe some toilet paper KD's way, he has has plenty of reason to worry about his own health, since the two of them hung out in L.A. as recently as March 10th. Fans were beyond worried that Drake was at risk, and the 6God decided to play it safe by going into isolation. Hopefully the quarantine blues doesn't catch up with him.