We've all heard the stories - of Drake laying a cement board in his backyard in order to attract NBA players for one-on-one pick up games. We know Drake is die-hard Raptors fan, a supporter of the Kentucky Wildcats at the collegiate level, and never one to shy away from the WNBA sorority (as he sees fit). As for his on-court ability, the select NBA talent who showed up on his terrace were likely sworn to secrecy, leaving us with the harrowing memory of "airball diffusion" - from that one time he partook in a Kentucky Wildcats' warm-up session.

A prideful Drake knew that stop the mental image of his errant shot from taking precedence, he would have to put in hours on the court. So what has Drake done in the past 4 years to correct his shoddy basketball mechanics? The answer is clear to those who understand his psyche, and what references he has at his disposal.

Fast forward to 2019, and Drake's on-court persona is a shadow of his playing ability. In this "hoop mixtape" uploaded half-a-day ago, Drake displays stark improvements across several categories, namely in his shot dispersal, mechanics, dribble separation, footwork, and his ability to "catch and shoot" the ball with a defender on his heels.

As impressive as that might sound, his improved skillset might not translate to an in-game situation, even with a training applying unyielding pressure, as the video reel seems to demonstrate. But with that said, if given a re-do warm-up session with Kentucky, there's no doubt in my mind Drake would make come out in the clear. Hard work and all the resources in the World = some kind of wonderful.