Dabbing Granny has caught the attention of the 6ixGod. It was just an ordinary Wednesday morning when Drake requested to join the viral sensation Dabbing Granny on Instagram Live and what ensued was some wholesome content to get you through your hump day. "Yeah, it's really me," Drake said as he entered the chat. "It really is. Then I couldn't see but then as soon as you smiled, I was like, 'Oh my God. That is him'," she replied.  "Your smile lights up the room. Your mom must've told you that."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"Well, thank you. Yeah, my mom always told me to smile in pictures, and I was always self-conscious about it back the day," Drake added. "But now it's too many great things going on, I have to smile once in a while." After nonchalantly responding to his fame with a simple, "it is what it is," he revealed that he's currently in album mode.

"You know it's so funny, you're waking up and I'm going to sleep," he explained. "I just left the studio, I'm working on a new album." Dabbing Granny did what anybody would do and asked when this project would be released. "When it's done, we'll see. Hopefully soon, right?"

Dabbing Granny first came to fame a few years back and became a spokesperson of sorts for cannabis after uploading a video of her hitting a massive dab onto Facebook. Since then. she's grown her Instagram following to 1.3M and counting.