This morning, Forbes announced that their Forbes Five list has a new member: Drizzy Drake. The rapper, who was already rap royalty, is now among hip-hop's five wealthiest members-- replacing is-he-or-isn't-he-broke rapper 50 Cent.

The list is still topped by Diddy, who apparently has a net worth of $750 million. Drake earns his spot thanks to a $60 million net worth. According to Forbes, this wealth was "accumulated through multi-platinum recordings, million-dollar-grossing tours and seven figure endorsements."

50 Cent's spot slipped through his fingers when he had to field multi-million dollar lawsuits and filed for bankruptcy. He's evidently not having the best week.

Take a look at the newly revamped Forbes Five list for 2016 below-- you'll notice the top 3 are identical to last year's list, while Birdman moves up a spot to #4.

1. Diddy ($750 million)

2. Dr. Dre ($710 million)

3. Jay Z ($610 million)

4. Birdman ($110 million)

5. Drake ($60 million)