If you can’t meet your favourite artist in real life, the next best thing would have to be meeting their lookalike, which is exactly what happened to a Drake fan recently.

In a TikTok video that was uploaded to The Shade Room, a young woman can be seen filming herself in the middle of the sidewalk. “Y’all, look who I pumped into,” she says, before panning the camera over to her new friend.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

“I bumped into Drake,” the text on top of the clip reads. The creator then reveals the face of a man who looks incredibly similar to the “Girls Want Girls” singer - Certified Lover Boy heart shaved into his head, Nike shirt and all.

The girl lets out a few squeals and screams before laughing hysterically, filming the doppelganger as he walks away, waving and smiling at the camera.

The comments on the video are even funnier than the clip itself. “Champagne Sloppy,” one person wrote.

“Uncertified Lover Boy,” added another viewer.

Several commenters also joked that the man’s name must be something that rhymes with Drake, suggesting things like Rake, Jake, Blake, and Flake, just to name a few.

“He really told his barber I want the same heart Drake got,” someone else said.

The Shade Room post has already received over 1.5 million likes, and although Drake has yet to comment on it, we would love to hear if he has a message for his lookalike.

Check the comedic TikTok out for yourself below.