We've been hearing about a potential new Drake album for months and it looks like those plans may finally be revealing themselves to us.

Following the release of the Dark Lemo Demo Tapes, rumors began swirling that Drake would release a studio-length album in Summer 2020. As we have officially hit that point, people began wondering just where the body of work was and when we would be blessed with it. Thankfully, it appears as though some news has been leaked regarding the piece.

The rollout could begin as soon as this week after DJ Akademiks shared a message that he had found about what's to come. While he cannot vouch for the validity of the information presented, this would be a pretty grandiose way for Drake to come through with Album #6, thus, we're hoping it's real.

Drake new album rumors
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

"Have a plug at one of YouTube's divisions SiriusXFM and Pandora are currently finalizing a deal with YouTube specifically for Drake's 6th Studio Album rollout," said the leaker in a message shared by DJ Akademiks. He goes on to explain that, starting this week, Drake would perform a thirty-minute set from one of his previous albums before revealing some information about the upcoming joint in a quick fifteen-minute address which would directly follow.

With that schedule, things would start on July 2 and end in late August. 

The full message can be seen below. However, please note that the validity of these rumors has not been confirmed by Drake or anybody on his team.