J. Cole and Drizzy documented their reunion as an Instagram Story last night. The last recorded history of a get-together dates back to 2013, at the halfway point to their Boyz 2 Men journey. A lot has transpired in the past 5 years, especially for Drake; he is arguably the biggest commercial draw the rap game has seen thus far - or at least on par with Jigga over a 5-year stretch. Whereas J. Cole put the game on notice in 2018 with no intentions of handing it back. Everyone has their lane I suppose.

With Drake back in Los Angeles after a family-oriented stint in his hometown, the two rappers made plans to link up, and link up they sure did. The video picks up with the OVO mogul giving us his Drake-like banter, with J. Cole to his right in the passenger seat. Drake says, "Who would have thunk it, man?.. in a Ghosty, man, no Casper!" with Cole issuing adlib commentary in the background.

The meet-up has had the effect of reminding hip-hop fans that talent and perseverance go hand-in-hand, and what better to demonstrate that, than in a conjoint manner? If a J. Cole - Drake is being talked about behind closed doors, please let it be so.