Earlier this year, Drake uncovered his producer hat and dropped the news that he would be behind a new HBO series titled Euphoria. The rapper was set to work on the project as an executive producer along with his DJ and manager, Future The Prince. While numerous teasers for the up-and-coming projects were dropped throughout the year, HBO has officially unveiled the full-length trailer to the high-school drama series. Zendaya posted the full-trailer via her official Instagram account, captioning: "Euphoria. Full length trailer, watch til the end." 

While the trailer sustains the television show's overall thematic ambiguity, the series is set to explore the lives of different teenagers as they undergo numerous life transitions and themselves, discover the ups and downs of recreational drugs, sex, body issues, violence, identity and more. The trailer centers Zendaya as the show's core character, a troubled teenager living through the daily struggle of remaining sober. As the story is set within a high-school, we can be sure to expect loads of drama. 

Overall the trailer gives a sort of Requiem For A Dream vibe, and as such, the subject matter will surely grabble a series of different issues. Either way, all answers will be given upon its premiere on June 16th.