TikTok is the latest social media platform to dictate what the next biggest hit is going to be. "The Box" by Roddy Ricch has been killing it on the Billboard Hot 100 since its release in late December and its largely due to the success of the viral challenge that went along with it. That being said, it feels like if you're planning to have a hit single, an accompanying TikTok video might be necessary.

John Phillips/Getty Images

Though it seems contrived to launch a dance or a challenge to aid the success of a song, it seems like Drake's getting in on the fun. A new snippet of one of his unreleased songs surfaced online earlier today which is rumored to be called the "Tootsie Slide." The dance shares the name with the song and it appears that people are getting ready to "Tootsie Slide" into the summer which hopefully isn't ruined by the coronavirus. The rapper slid in the comment section of a post to confirm that he will be releasing the song sometime soon. "I'mma drop soon since ya'll got it going insane," he said along with a laughing emoji.

Surely, this is part of Drake's slow rollout of his forthcoming project. He's released a few tracks so far such as "Chicago Freestyle," "When To Say When," and the UK drill inspired, "War." Though it's unclear if those songs will land on a project, at least we'll be able to get through the lockdown with some new vibes from Drizzy.