Drake is undeniably one of the biggest artists in the world. Being a hit-making machine has earned him an immense amount of clout, as evidenced when he got South Carolina producer, JetsonMade, across the Canadian border with some simple phone calls. However, even Aubrey Graham experiences humbling moments every now and then. Remember when he got booed off the Camp Flog Gnaw stage in November? That story came and went so quickly that you may have forgotten and it seems Drake did too because he was caught recently behaving like an almighty man. 

A video of the 6 God at a party (or nightclub) shows him flabbergasted by the fact that a security guard wasn't aware of his stature. The security guard first leans in to ask Drake a question. While the question cannot be made out over the booming background music, based on Drake's meme-worthy facial reaction and him responding, "Myself?", one could guess that the security guard asked something along the lines of "Who are you with?" After a moment of the rapper pondering the ludicrousness of the situation, he drops the infamous line, "Do you know who I am?" While Drake probably wishes he didn't have to resort to asking this pompous question, he must've been too stunned not to.