It goes without saying that Drake is one of, if not the, biggest rap artists in the world. Boasting a universal fanbase spanning dozens of countries and all walks of life, Drizzy has smashed milestone after milestone throughout his decade-plus career. And with his new album Certified Lover Boy seemingly around the corner -- though we have yet to receive a proper release date -- it would appear that Drizzy is poised for another gargantuan year.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Case in point, a new revelation from Our Generation Music indicates that within the single month of January, Drake has reportedly secured over five-hundred-million streams on Spotify alone. A staggering number to be sure, all the more impressive given that he hasn't released a new single since August 14th, when he and Lil Durk linked up for "Laugh Now Cry Later." Clearly, the man's catalog features plenty of replay value, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Drake's upcoming project add a few more massive hits and boost his numbers accordingly.

At this stage, it feels as if Drake is miles ahead of his contemporaries, at least when it comes to commercial prowess. Though some still remain hesitant to give Drizzy his flowers, it's impossible to deny that he's managed to bring something for everyone to the table, respected by lyricists and pop fans alike. With some impressive stats already lining his 2021 resume, perhaps we'll see the self-declared Lover Boy closing out the year as the reigning MVP. Sound off if you were one of the many keeping Drake in steady rotation this year.