This year's ComplexCon saw a gathering of hip-hop's most accomplished and promising minds. As part of ComplexCon(versations), Everyday Struggle co-host Wayno discussed a myriad of music production related topics with artists Raekwon and No I.D as well as Travis Scott's longtime A&R, Sickamore. The panel, "New God Flow: How to Make a Rap Album in 2018," touched on the evolution of rap albums, and sparked debate on the nature of technology's influence on modern day hip-hop.

While speaking about La Flame's past projects, Sickamore revealed his unique means of viewing each creation. "I think of an artist's career like a TV show," he revealed. Building on his statement, Sickamore likened Rodeo, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, and Astroworld to the seasons of a television series, each album serving as a depiction of look Scott's personal and professional growth. Sickamore then went on to herald the benefits of technology revealing that Drake sent it his completed "Sicko Mode" verse on the very day that Astroworld was released. 

Sickamore's peers however felt differently. No I.D. informed the panel that he believes that some have allowed technology to interfere with the face to face communication and connection he deems necessary for a successful production. Raekwon's stance falls somewhere between that of Sickamore's and No I.D.'s as he maintains "everything has to have a balance." 

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