Kanye West released his eighth studio album, Ye this past Friday. While many fans rejoiced that he actually dropped an album, it came in the middle of beef between Pusha T and Drake. Drake confirmed that he did go to Wyoming to work on Kanye's album after he mentioned it on "Duppy Freestyle." It was unclear whether his contributions were left off due to the ongoing rivalry between OVO and G.O.O.D Music. However, according to Peter Rosenberg and Ebro, Drake's contributions on the album were done and the G.O.O.D Music camp "forgot" to give him credit.

According to Peter Rosenberg, it's a "confirmed thing" that Drake actually wrote the hook on Kanye West's Ye stand-out cut, "Yikes." However, the interesting part about this is that Rosenberg said they "forgot" to credit the OVO head honcho for his contributions to the record. 

"It is now a confirmed thing that Drake wrote the hook for 'Yikes," he said. "It may be the best melody on the album when you go listen to it. You'll hear it now and go, 'oh, that does sound really good.' [Kanye] gets a double congratulations in my opinion. They didn't credit [Drake]. They said they like 'forgot.' They left him off, he doesn't have a writing credit."

As Rosenberg points out, it comes at an interesting because of the ghostwriting comments Pusha T made on "Infrared." What's even more interesting is that following the release of Ye, Kanye tried to "dead" the beef between Pusha T and Drake. Drake's mentor, J Prince, also told Drake to fall back on responding to Pusha T. 

Peep the clip below with the Drake songwriting bit starting at the 7:11 mark.