Drake's Certified Lover Boy has been announced for a minute now. Though it was originally intended to be released far earlier, the project underwent a series of delays, to the point where we're now expecting a late summer release. 

Recently, Drake confirmed that Certified Lover Boy was currently in the midst of the mixing stages, which is often seen as one of the final steps toward release. In truth, the process actually varies in length, with some artists opting for a more meticulous approach behind the boards. Evidently, Drake may very well be one such artist, as the 6ix God recently revealed that he was back in the studio working on the anticipated project. 


Ross Gilmore/Getty Images

It's certainly interesting to see that Drake is back in the studio, and one has to wonder how close to completion Certified Lover Boy truly is. Given his own claim that the album would be released before summer wraps up, it stands to reason that we'll see seeing a new song release in the imminent future. Speaking of which, Future was actually spotted on set filming a music video for a Drake collaboration, with rumors pointing to a potential CLB single. 

At this point, it's evident that the project is on the way, and it's likely that Drake will be ramping up the hype accordingly once the mixing stages are complete. Be sure to remain patient, and stay tuned for any Certified Lover Boy-related update that might surface. There will be plenty more where that came from soon enough.