There's no question that YK Osiris is one of the most promising young talents on the come-up. The young Florida rapper has been making waves and is starting to get noticed by some pretty major artists. The most notable musical co-sign has to be Lil Uzi Vert on the remix to "Valentine." His breakout single paved the way for him to be chosen as an opener on Lil Baby's tour with City Girls and he's also been spotted hanging around one particular Canadian who has a lot of pull in the industry.

That's right, folks. YK Osiris has been posting all over social media, spreading hints that he may have signed on to OVO and his latest upload seems to have sealed the deal. The artist posed for a few photos with Drake and his close associate Jas Prince, who has been known to introduce Drizzy to new talent. As Complex points out, Osiris has been chilling with Drake for the last few months, posting a photo with him and making a direct reference to OVO in September.

The young musician posted up with Jas and Drizzy, causing even further speculation by simply stating, "IM GLAD IM APART OF THE FAMILY." What family he's referring to exactly is still up in the air but the rumor mill is churning hard about a possible OVO connection. 

All of this is simply speculation as neither side has directly confirmed any involvement between YK Osiris and OVO but it's looking like he could be the next young man to be blessed with an owl chain.