Drake is reaping the benefits of the hard work he put in this year. The record-breaking artist took some time to chill this weekend, bumping tracks by the pool. He filmed his dip to the sounds of Smiley's A Tape to Remember and gave his following an unexpected glimpse of his chest adorned with ink. Check out the body art below.

In the clip, he raps along to Smiley's bars of vanquishing and captioned his post "last week I had nothing." He sips a cool drink in between lines as the massive pair of wings on his chest peek into the shot. The tat appears to be an owl, the symbol of his OVO label. The bare-chested Drake has many social media fangirling about his beard, others admirers are asking for a full view of the tattoo. One commented, "Dude drake I just want a clear view of the owl."

Saying he had nothing last week might would be a literal exaggeration considering the fact that he has dominated the music sphere for several years. 2018 might be his biggest one yet, however, topping virtually every streaming category he is eligible for. Drake is also at the top tier of Grammy nominations. Cheers to that.