The public has had divisive reactions to Drake's new album Certified Lover Boy. Some fans are calling this one of Drake's best albums ever, while others are hellbent on calling this long-awaited body of work "mid." Regardless of what you think of the album, it's selling better than any other project released this year, shattering the first-week sales record for this year by posting nearly double what Kanye West's DONDA sold. 

One of the things about CLB that has confused people the most is the Damien Hirst-designed artwork that Drake decided to use. As you've surely seen, the cover artwork for the album features a dozen pregnant women emojis, lined up in a way that social media influencers have mimicked for the last few weeks. Seemingly aware that a lot of people hated the album cover, Drake has posted some alternate art that his fans can use to replace the cover on their streaming platforms.

Posting a bunch of new covers on Instagram, Drake revealed new artwork by Luis Mora, Theo Skudra, Milo Manara, and others, including an alternate sketch by Damien Hirst. One of the unused covers shows Drake being embraced by a model, while another shows him in a NOCTA football jersey with a rose in his mouth. Others feature the original ribbon sketch for the CLB logo, and more. 

Drake's fans are suggesting that the world-renowned rapper should launch a new NFT collection for the alternate artwork, selling them as limited-edition pieces and banking millions on them. What do you think? Would that be a good idea?

Check out all the alternate designs below and let us know your favorite.