Drake's 7th annual OVO Fest begins Saturday night in Toronto, and the massively successful event has Aubrey Graham reflecting back on his career, sharing a letter he wrote just before the 3rd installment of the festival in 2012. Posted up on his Instagram account, the handwritten passage looks like it was ripped right out of a notebook, and hasn't been addressed to anyone in particular, but is signed by the rapper.

The sun is up right now. It's the 3rd annual OVO Fest. Where to from here? It feels too perfect... But it seeems like the evolution is attainable every time I try something. It seems like it just naturally occurs. So maybe we evolve more. Maybe we make it to the moon. Hope it's not cold 'cause I'm only wearing a t-shirt.

As you can see, the letter finds Drake both thankful for his success and hungry for more. With VIEWS becoming his fastest-selling album to date, things have definitely only gotten bigger for Drizzy, but it's probably got him asking the same questions going into this weekend's event.

Check out the post below.