The verdict is in. Apparently, we're in for a treat this Friday when Borat 2 drops on Amazon Prime this Friday. The embargo was lifted and critics, writers, and celebrities started ranting and raving about the upcoming film which apparently focuses on Borat's mission to gift his daughter to Trump.

Among those who copped an early peek was none other than everyone's favorite Canadian -- Drake. The rapper hit his IG Story where he declared the upcoming Borat sequel "insane," calling Sacha Baron Cohen a "genius" for his work.

"JAGSHEMASH... you are a genius mad man and one of my fav people @sachabaroncohen the second BORAT is INSANE," Drake wrote on his IG story along with several emojis that capture his current mood taking the film in. Surprisingly, this is probably the most political statement Drake has ever made in his career. Aside from that time he referred to Donald Trump as a "fucking idiot in office." 

Though the film has received praise across the board from critics, Rudy Giuliani doesn't appear to be that big of a fan of the film but that's to be expected. Apparently, Borat sends his 15-year-old daughter to conduct an interview with Giuliani, though things start getting a bit weird and the former mayor of NYC starts getting a bit frisky. It's reported that he lies down on a bed at one point in the film, appearing to pull his shirt out of his pants and possibly fondling himself. That is until Borat storms in the room declaring his daughter too old for Giuliani. 

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is launched on Amazon Prime Oct. 23rd.