You can tell this man spent his Degrassi downtime playing Gran Turismo on PS2. The way he expresses love to a car is admirable, loving it as if it were a conscious human being. Like Joaquin Phoenix in Her, Drake has blurred the line between woman and machine. In short, few can afford the luxurious Ferrari LaFerrari, so few truly understand the allure. Reports indicate that the car is priced at a staggering $7 million (though average prices are closer to the $3 million mark), which is nearly twice the price of Logic's new Hidden Hills bachelor pad, for some context. When in Rome, as they say.

Evidently, Drizzy has topped off his IG page with the latest image of his prized possession. Captioning the portrait with a heart emoji, Drake clearly feels this one is a keeper. Women may not understand him, but at the very least, Italian luxury machines are incapable of judgement. One only wonders if he lets the Broskis have a turn at the wheel. 

We can only assume that Drake is set on making a grand appearance as he ferries about the Six in preparation for the impending Scorpion. At the very least, fans will be able to spot their hero from a mile away, as his neon colored whip burns with the same intensity as twelve thousand bat signals. Perhaps you're wondering why you even bothered with this one in the first place. If you're reading this it's too late.