Not everyone can say they've taken a shot with Champagne Papi but two lucky fans in Detroit offered a warm welcome to Drake when he popped up in the city this week.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

A video surfaced last night of the Boy popping into a local Detroit bar unannounced this week. It must be a shock to anyone to spot one of the biggest superstars in the world casually trying to grab a drink. Typically, this would be the sort of scene to spark pandemonium, the two lucky ladies who bought Drake a drink received praise online for how they conducted themselves.

Before she even asked the rapper what he wanted to drink, she asked his permission to film the moment, to which he agreed. The bartender then served her a shot of whisky while Drake asked for a shot of 1942 tequila.

"It’s crazy how we was just saying Detroit natives don’t give a fuck who you is, we all think we celebrities and shorty sat there calm as fuck buying a drake rich ass a shot," one Twitter user commented on the clip.

Ultimately, fans were all wondering why Drake was in Detroit. He didn't necessarily indicate his purpose for being in the city but the real question is -- did he tap in with Trick Trick?

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