Drake is establishing himself as an adequate businessman as he is an artist. Over the past year or so, he's expanded his portfolio as an investor, as well as with his own product launches. Word on road is that he teamed up with Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth in 2019, though it's unclear when they will be launching products together. In the meantime, he's launched his own brand of candles that he had all of his celebrity friends to embrace on the 'Gram.

 Ethan Miller/Getty Images 

Better World Fragrance House is set to launch tomorrow (Mother's Day) and ahead of its release, Complex offered a quick breakdown of the product. “Sweeter Tings,” “Williamsburg Sleepover,” “Good Thoughts,” and “Muskoka" are available for $48 a piece. For $85, Better World Fragrance House is offering a candle that's meant to "actually smell like Drake," appropriately titled, "Carby Musk.

Apparently, Drake's advanced products came with a note about how he hopes "better your mood and surroundings" with his new candle. To maximize the experience, Drake has a suggestion for what you should be listening to. "I suggest playing the album that inspired this whole project the first time you light one: Midnite – Live In Eugene," the note reportedly reads.

Midnite's Live In Eugene is, unfortunately, not available on streaming services but records from Live In Eugene are available on the Internet. Check out their song "Old Robe" below.