Drake is now the most-streamed artist of all time on Spotify. According to Kworb, a site that tracks music data, Drake's songs have been streamed 3, 185,045,281 times, or 10 million more times than Justin Bieber's 3,175,636,461 plays. The next most-streamed artist is Ed Sheeran, with 2.15 billion plays.

VIEWS went platinum in one week due in large part to the inclusion of "Hotline Bling", whose billion-plus streams at the time of the album release were retroactively included in the total sales count. The album was an Apple Music exclusive for two weeks before being made available on Spotify on May 13.

Congrats to Drake on claiming the Spotify crown. Ariana Grande's album Dangerous Woman comes out this Friday making her the biggest threat to take the top spot. She is currently lurking in 5th place on the all-time charts with 1.6 billion streams.