Drake was spotted in the UK this past week looking the part of a willing and able "Prince" but Naomi Campbell wanted nothing of it on a permanent basis. Drake and Naomi were spotted together a week prior to their London sighting at Beyonce and Jay-Z's Oscar party in Los Angeles, but the Canadian rapper insists that the brief tour he's enjoyed of the UK isn't centered around seducing the 48-year old model. 

Drake demonstrated his "true intentions" by showing up unannounced at a Manchester hip-hop concert, that of Fredo at the O2 Ritz in Manchester, England. For his part, Fredo has been hard at work promoting his Third Avenue project which debuted at no. 5 on the UK Charts. The moment in truth was documented by the venue itself, on their official @O2RitzManc Twitter page. Watch as the crowd goes mental just as Drake's "Nonstop" instrumental (produced by Tak Keith) begins playing on the loudspeaker.

As this envious Tweeter so eloquently put it, "My brother really paid like £20ish to see Fredo, Dave and Drake at the same show crazyyyy." So yes, Manchester concertgoers were lucky to have Dave land as a co-feature, before the Drake surprise was ever uncovered.

To those whom it may concern, Drake will be playing back-to-back shows in Manchester (Tonight and Monday) at the larger "Manchester Arena" with a capacity of 21,000. Unfortunately, those tickets far exceed the "£20ish" paid by the Tweeter's luck-stricken brother.