It's not uncommon for Drake to take the stage in a basketball jersey, especially during his Summer Sixteen Tour. 

So when he rolled into The Forum in Inglewood, California on Tuesday night, aka the former home of the Los Angeles Lakers, you were right to assume he'd be wearing some Lakers gear.

But which jersey would he go with? The logo Jerry West? Kareem? Shaq? How about the recently retired Black Mamba? Nope. He went with Derek Fisher.

Is there a chance that Drake is just a really big Derek Fisher fan? Of course. But it was no coincidence that he decided to wear the #2 jersey last night- it was a subtle dig at Matt Barnes who has had some issues with Rihanna in the past. 

Furthering the assumption that he was taking a jab at Barnes, Drake posted some photos of himself in the Fisher jersey on IG, one of which had the caption, "Sometimes it can get Grizzly..." Barnes isn't playing for the Grizz anymore, he signed with Sacramento this offseason, but we get the message.

Drake returns to the Forum tonight, as well as Thursday, so it'll be interesting to see if he dons another D-Fish jersey.