Drake may have been barred from exhibiting his usual routine of off-the-wall behavior during the NBA Finals, but the Toronto native is not letting that stop him from poking at the Golden State Warriors, very deliberately through his fashion choices.

After showing up to Game 1 in a Dell Curry Raptors jersey, Drizzy returned courtside in a Home Alone inspired hoodie with Macauley Caulkin's signature face with "KEVIN?!?!?!" written on the back.

The jab is a reference to KD's absence during the finals due to a calf injury. According to several reports, Durant is expected to make a return "at some point midway through the NBA Finals."

"Hey @Drake I'm right here, bro," the former child star penned on Twitter. "DM me. See you at the BBQ."

In the end, the Warriors defeated the Raptors with a score of 109-104 to tie the series. Ultimately, it was Andre Iguadola who sank a game-winning three-pointer to take his squad to victory in yet another exciting turn in this year's Finals. 

Next up, the Raptors will head to the Bay Area for Game 3 on Wednesday (June 5th).