Drake and Chris Brown flipped the script last week when they decided to forego a traditional Friday release, instead choosing to release their collaborative single on Saturday. The duo had been teasing their summer single for weeks, with many looking forward to hearing it on Indigo when it drops at the end of the month. For years, Drizzy and Breezy had not been friends. In fact, they were often throwing shots at the other in their music and online. They finally made up a few months ago when they reunited on stage and with "No Guidance," they've got a certified smash. Drake even thinks they might be the first "mortal enemy duo" to hit the top spot on Apple Music's chart.

We'll see if they end up atop the Billboard list, which has been occupied by Lil Nas X and "Old Town Road" for nine weeks. For now, CB and Drake are satisfied with their No. 1 position on Apple Music. Chris Brown excitedly shared the news on his Instagram when Drake commented with a question. "Jeeeeeeez....wait till the video drops," said the Canadian superstar. "Also are we the first mortal enemy duo to go number one on Apple Music?? #guinessbookofrecords."

Drake and Breezy may very well be the first "enemy" duo to achieve that feat. Hopefully, somebody is out there that can legitimize the claim. Did Drake and Meek ever hit that spot? Perhaps he's forgetting all about his former feuds.