It has been said, Drake's sports fandom often goes the way of the wind. But this year, Drake is all the wiser, especially as it concerns Today's NFL Conference Championship games. In lieu of getting pigeonholed by association, Drake has decided to support all the teams that remain in the NFL playoff race. For the record, Drake isn't done appeasing the worrywarts of the World, who've deemed his "fan support" a jinx of some kind.

It all stems back to the National Championship Game in collegiate football. Alabama Crimson Tide fans have resorted to blaming Drake for the team's loss to the Clemson Tigers. Drake, who some view as a fair weather fan, has been vocal in his support of the Crimson Tide. Trouble is, Alabama want him excoriated for good, curse and all.

So naturally, Drake decided to go punch for punch, blow for blow, with the fans insistent on his "sports curse." Saturday night, he uploaded the following picture depicting himself with a mishmash sweater for the ages. Why root for one NFL semifinalist, and risk suffering the wrath of their fanbase (in a loss), when you can support all four, and play to your "bandwagon" stereotype, all in good humor.