Kanye West and Drake's beef is well documented. Considering how trigger happy Kanye is with the "tweet" button, we're not surprised. If Ye is feeling some type of way about something, we are going to hear about it. So it only made sense that Kanye started off the week by blasting Drake for following his wife Kim Kardashian on the gram. 

It appears as though the rant worked to his advantage though as Drake unfollowed Kim on Instagram, according to Vibe.com.

"Don't Follow My F*cking Wife," Ye said on Twitter before deleting the Tweet. In other deleted Tweets, Kanye continued by saying "I’ve never mentioned or touched on anything related to family when it came to Drake. He followed my wife on Instagram he mentioned Pusha’s fiancé in a song.”

West also questioned Drake's friends and the advice that they give him saying “[Whose] bright idea was it to tell Drake to follow my wife on Instagram? This person is not [Drake’s] friend.”

While Drake and Ye haven't exactly made up yet, Kanye must be pretty happy with himself now that the Canadian rapper has unfollowed Kim.