Lil Wayne and Drake are among the most entertaining and genuine rap collaborators of the last decade. The Toronto based rapper/singer and the Louisiana legend have given the world several hits such as “Forever,” “HYFR,” “She Will,” to name just three. Other than Nicki Minaj, Drake and Wayne are the only other exceedingly successful Young Money artists.

The lyrical battles between Drake and Wayne exhibit one of the most compelling competitive rivalries ever. In the beginning, or at least, during the So Far Gone days, Wayne and Drizzy sounded suspiciously familiar. It is possible that Drake was so enamored with his idol that he emulated his flow, in the same way that Kobe mimicked Jordan. Once Drake got a foothold in the game though, his sound evolved, as did Wayne’s. The two rappers went from spitting almost identical flows on “Ignorant Shit” and “Ransom,” to branching off in opposite directions creatively as time continued on. In 2014, Drake and Wayne embarked on their “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour, which played on Capcom’s Street Fighter series. The tour gave fans a chance to interact with the performances, and vote on which rapper was better. The idea was brilliant, and the interactive app that fans used in real time to decide which rapper won was innovative and user-friendly. Four years later, the debate still rages on. Are Wayne’s energetic and addictive bars, that are wrapped in a raspy drawl, better than Drake’s clever and revealing lyrics, which are packaged in an R&B/hip-hop matrimony?

We’ve picked out ten essential Drake and Wayne collaborations, and compared the two rap titan’s bars. Drizzy versus Weezy, which rapper would you choose? Cast your vote as you read along.