Drake may have initially been honored when it was revealed that there would be an episode of Donald Glover's FX show Atlanta, titled "Champagne Papi," after Drake's Instagram handle. However, Atlanta has a tendency to get a little weird sometimes, and it appeared that his episode of the show was just a little too strange for Drake at the moment.

Drake posted on his Instagram story today, with some footage from the episode and the caption, "😂😂😂😂😂this shit is surreal I am too high for this."

The episode features Van on a determined quest to take a picture with Drake who, SPOILER ALERT, doesn't appear in the episode. In their quest to get close to fame, Van and her friends go through a variety of bizarre situations, such as riding in a van to a secret location, and taking gummy bear edibles. It's only once they get to the party does Van eventually realize that he was never there in the first place. The episode explores themes of simulation, and the lengths people will go through to experience fame.

As another level of strangeness, the writer for the episode, Ibra Ake, said on Twitter that he wrote the episode as part of the roll out for Drake's most recent video, "Nice For What." How that works, exactly, isn't made entirely clear.

Clearly all of that hit a little too close to home for Drake in his inebriated state. Hopefully he got through the rest of the episode safe and sound.