Music journalist Jeff Weiss has been keeping close tabs on Drakeo the Ruler's case over the past few years. Weiss has often relayed messages from the incarcerated rapper including updates on his trial. It was undoubtedly a dubious trial that had Drakeo's lyrics used against him inside of the courtroom. And even after he beat the case the first time around, he ended up back in jail after charges were re-filed.

Today, Weiss offered an incredible update on Drakeo's case: he's coming home tonight. Weiss revealed that the District Attorney offer Drakeo a plea deal for time served and will be released form prison later today.

"It's unquestionable that LA voting out Jackie Lacey last night played a major role in the DA's decision. We have every reason to be cynical, but this was a case where collective action and organization actually paid real life dividends. The nightmare is over. #DrakeoIsFree," Weiss tweeted.

"And, of course, the indefatigable work and legal skill of @HamasakiLaw, who is more responsible than anyone for bringing Drakeo home," he added. Hamaski added, "I did this."

Plenty of people chimed in on the news including Danny Brown, who's previously praised the California rapper. "The Ruler is back," he tweeted. Maybe we can expect a collaboration from the two in the near future.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on Drakeo The Ruler. Check out our 2018 Interview with Drakeo, "Drakeo The Ruler Is Behind Bars But Still Has A Pulse On Underground L.A. & Beyond."