Drake and Kyle Lowry have built an incredible friendship over the last few years. Of course, Lowry was the star point guard for the Toronto Raptors, all while Drake was the team's ambassador. Whenever Drake was sitting courtside, he would have conversations with Lowry, and once the team won the NBA title in 2019, Drake made sure to be there beside Lowry on the team's float.

Just a few months ago, Drake was in Miami to watch Lowry play with his brand new team. Before the game, the two engaged in a 1 Vs. 1, and recently Lowry was asked about it while speaking to Complex. As you will see, Lowry was quick to say that he destroyed Drake, however, he did give the artist major props for his improvement.

Drake & Kyle Lowry

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

"Yeah, I beat his ass," Lowry said. "Yeah, no chance. Drake, don’t try me again, boy. As a competitor, you got to appreciate it. But yeah, he don’t want that smoke. [...] He’s gotten better, though. He's gotten better, man. I think he's working on his jump shot a lot, working on his handle a lot. I think really from the time I’ve first seen him to the time now, he’s gotten a lot better."

Drake probably won't be making any NBA rosters anytime soon, however, his improvement on the court is certainly nice to see. Perhaps next time he plays Lowry, he will only lose by 20 instead of 21.