Drake showed off the new detail he added to his Toronto mansion, and it would appear that he's had his doorbell installed on a bronze bust of none other than 21 Savage's head. Drake is currently under strict quarantine at his home in T.O, after he was potentially exposed to coronavirus when he hung out with his buddy, Kevin Durantwho tested positive for COVID-19 a few days later. Realizing that he was at risk of potentially spreading the virus to others, Drizzy decided to head into isolation, and it looks like he's gone a little stir crazy holed up in that massive mansion of his.

Drake 21 Savage door bell ringer quarantine isolation social distancing coronavirusKevin Winter/Getty Images

He's been posting some peculiar Instagram stories that make little to no sense, but his latest post is the most shocking. Following a series of nonsensical reaction photos (including a shot of himself passive-aggressively smiling), Drake revealed the latest addition to his home on his story, and it looks like his doorbell now lives on a bronze bust of 21 Savage's head.

Drake 21 Savage door bell ringer quarantine isolation social distancing coronavirus

The image shows 21 Savage's side profile, in which a smidgen of his famous forehead cross tattoo can be seen. Drake gives somewhat of an explanation for his decision to make 21 Savage a permanent part of his crib, mentioning that he lives in "house number 21," but it's still a wild idea that surely nobody was expecting. While he, of course, had to have had this made before he went into quarantine, it fits into his somewhat delirious state of mind at the moment. Thankfully, he revealed that he's tested negative for COVID-19, but he, like everyone else, should still be practicing social distancing for the time being. The upside is, now he can have more visitors, who will have the pleasure of ringing Savage's head when they come over.