Going on a $10,000 date with Johanna Leia may have been the best album promotion for Drakeas he prepares to release Certified Lover Boy, but the internet has not been kind to the model. Leia was spotted on a date with Drake at Dodger Stadium this week, renting out the entire building to have a private dinner. They were photographed by an overhead helicopter, who captured shots of them looking up at the camera. Ever since, lots of people have been rudely commenting about Leia's look, body-shaming her on social media.

Despite people like Coi Leray and Lizzo constantly speaking about the way fans speak about their bodies, it appears the public has not learned that body-shaming isn't appropriate in the slightest after people made rude remarks about Johanna Leia over the weekend. Some of the most popular tweets mentioning her have to do with the fact that Drake often dates women who look similar, drawing comparisons between Leia, his baby mama Sophie Brussaux, and Bria Myles. 

While a bunch of Leia's photos have gone viral with people adding insensitive captions, one particular picture of her standing in profile and showing off her backside in a tight dress is picking up the most attention. From the looks of it, Leia may have surgically enhanced her butt -- or at least people are convinced that she has. That much has led to people making fun of Drake's type of women, with males and females speaking ill on people who get plastic surgery.

Take a look below to see some of the disturbing comments people are making. Check out more pictures of Johanna Leia here.