Since the top of the year, Drake made it known that he isn't playing any games in 2018. The roll out for his Scary Hours EP started before we even knew it. Odell Beckham Jr. shared a few bars from "Diplomatic Immunity" on his Instagram post which sparked the excitement. At the beginning of January, there was snippets of "God's Plan" surfacing and then out of nowhere, the rapper let loose his two track EP. The two song's helped him land a few feats but "God's Plan" was definitely the fan favorite. A month later and its hits another certification.

According to chartdata, Drake's "God's Plan" is now eligible to be three times platinum within the span of a month. The rapper dropped off the single a little over a month a go on January 19th and he's turned it into the anthem of 2018.

What really helped push the song to three times platinum was the release of the music video this past week. The rapper built the hype for it after footage and stories of his charitable deeds throughout Miami surfaced on the Internet which ended up being part of his feel-good video. Justin Bieber even said it's the best video he's ever seen. 

With Drake kicking off 2018 on a strong foot, it's exciting to see what else he has in store for the year.