For his "God's Plan" video, Drake contributed $996,631.90 to the cause, restoring good cheer and prosperity to those in need. During an era often mired by violence and controversy it's easy to lose track of what's really important. Human connection can sometimes fall to the wayside in this digital age, but Drake's charitable spree is a stark reminder of its power. You don't have to like him; you don't get to the top without making a few enemies. No matter how you feel, it can't be denied that Drizzy is out here putting in legwork. While many of us will only be subjected to his generosity through vicarious means, it's still enjoyable to watch the impact his gestures have.  

The "6 God" moniker is not mean to be taken literally, but few can actually manage to make an impact of this nature. After all, not every rapper can afford dropping nearly one million dollars on charitable donations. In that regard, Drake really is out here making the world a better place. He recently called the "God's Plan" video the most important thing he's ever done. Now that it's here, we can see why.

We've compiled a list of those touched by the 6 God's spree of generosity. If you come seeking a feel-good post, look no further. Behold, "God's Plan."