Nothing like a meme to mask the deep, deep hurt of taking an L in the DMs. On Tuesday, Drake posted a photo of himself courtside at a basketball game in Grimsby, Ontario. In the photo, Mr. Champagne Papi has his arm raised with a limp wrist, miming the act of shooting a basket. However, his face in the photo appears to be disappointed at what he's seeing, and the resulting image is hysterical. The rapper's caption, though, only makes it that much more comical: "Shooting your shot and getting a 'seen.'" By using a photo of himself gesturing the literal act of shooting a shot and making a joke about the expression "shooting your shot" by sliding into someone's DMs to let them know you're down, Drake has tapped into prime meme territory. While we can all laugh along with him, some people in the comments felt this one a little too hard.

While Drake is clearly referring to getting ignored on Instagram with his use of "seen," British rapper AJ Tracey commented, "that double blue tick and no reply hit different," referring to the cold shoulder feature of WhatsApp. Drizzy acknowledged this by replying, "wow the diss on what's app is hurtful on a international level." Another user, basketball player Haanif Cheatham, commented, "The 'liked message' with no reply hurt your pride 😭😭😭" and another user, rapper LB Spiffy, simply commented, "Felt dat one 😂." Clearly, Drake's meme hit home for some majorly bruised egos out there, but it looks like the rapper himself hasn't had much trouble with the ladies lately, since he's reportedly been seeing Kylie Jenner. It appears that he got more than just a "seen" from the billionaire reality star.