Everyone's parents are different, but as a general rule, moms don't usually like to see their kids get into fights, especially when they lose. Drake's mom, Sandi Graham, is no different. Even though the circumstances are different, she's not a fan of all the hostility. 

TMZ caught up with Sandi leaving the Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood, and asked her how she felt about her son getting into a rap beef with Pusha T, and even potentially Jay-Z. 

"They're too grown-up for that," Sandi tells the camera man. 

While that's a very mom-like response, the world of rap music is different. Oftentimes, a diss track is something that is celebrated, rather than admonished. It's possible that Sandi hasn't even listened to "The Story of Adidon," given that Pusha T actually mentions her by name in one of the lines, calling out Drake for being a bad son to his mom. 

Despite that, Sandi agrees that Drake made the right decision in not responding to Pusha, saying "I believe he always makes the best decisions in the end." 

That might be true, given that Drake's next album, Scorpion, is on the way, and it wouldn't be worth risking the release of the project any further with frivolous diss tracks. Rather, the world will have to wait to hear what Drake has to say about the situation when the album drops later this month, on June 29th. You can check out the video of Sandi Graham putting an end to rap beef below.